G’day, we are a young travel couple! Dayne, 22 who is a Plumber and Cody, 25 who is a Qualified Hairdresser. Back in late 2017, Dayne went to Europe and Cody travelled to America for 9 weeks in total. When we arrived back knowing how much we loved to travel, we wanted to keep doing what we loved and earning a living along the way. Our ultimate life goal has always been to see AUSTRALIA before we started to live the “Normal Life”. We started to save, soon after our overseas trips and set a date of when we wanted to leave, within this short period of time we had so many decisions to make. Long days of working to save all of those pennies and weekend trips to the big cities to go and pick up our brand new purchases, so we could then start setting up our Ford Ranger.

Our Full time travelling life has us Blogging and giving advice to all those who are interested in the same life as we are, that is also including budgets, places to visit, travel tips and much more.

Why were we so set on travelling Australia at such a young age? “Don’t only old people do that?” Definitely not! It’s an absolutely amazing experience to see what we have in our own backyard Australia! It is an incredible place with some many beautiful destinations to choose from no matter if you want to travel for a few day’s, months or years.

We hope that our blog can encourage you to travel more and turn your dreams into a reality,

Dayne and Cody.