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Most frequent questions and answers

The download link doesn't work?

  1. If using Gmail: Access the download link through Safari or Chrome browser instead of the Gmail app.
  2. Make sure to install the zip extractor app and Lightroom.

What if I lost my download link?

No worries! You can always email us at

Make sure to include your full name & email that you used for the order. That way we can respond with your new download link immediately.

I can't find my presets in Lightroom?

Once you import the photos into lightroom, they will be in your general library.
From there you can click on each photo & save the presets embedded into the photos.

To keep things organized, make a new folder when you save your first embedded preset & then save all the following presets in the same folder.

How do I contact you?

The best way to contact us for a fast response is through our email

If your questions couldn’t get answered above, message us directly on Instagram @wanderingpresets

Thank you so much for all the support, we appreciate every single one of you!

Cody & Dayne.