Wandering Loop Giveaway



November 9th 21:00 – November 16th 21:00.


With this giveaway, the potential follower gain is 2,000 – 6,000 followers.


Canon EOS M50 + 15-45mm (RRP $899.95)
DJI Mavic Air 2 4K Drone Fly More Combo (RRP $1,899.00)
GoPro HERO9 Combo (RRP $659.95)


Our Partners

The Prize (valued at $3,458.90!)

Canon EOS M50 + 15-45mm (RRP $899.95)
DJI Mavic Air 2 4K Drone Fly More Combo (RRP $1,899.00)
GoPro HERO9 Combo (RRP $659.95)

All For Aussie Influencers

As you may have experienced, organic reach is dropping, and algorithms are changing constantly. Instagram isn’t quite as easy to grow as it was a few years ago!

We’ve decided to host a loop giveaway restricted to Australian travel influencers to boost your account and share our audiences. Our last giveaway (only 1 GoPro) had over 5,000 entries and grew our account by 2,000 followers in only 14 days.

Now imagine a prize worth over $3,000 shared by every participant and by all of our partners with a total following of over 13 million!

Interested? Scroll up, checkout, and get ready for your following to explode. 🚀


Most frequent questions and answers

How does a loop giveaway work?

It’s simple, once you enter we’ll give you a follow and the post will be on @wanderinggiveaways. For individuals to enter they’ll need to follow everyone we’re following (once of them will be you), tag a friend, and share the post to their story!

Who else is participating?

You can view the current list by checking everyone @wanderinggiveaways is following but we’re keeping it niche, Aussie travellers to ensure minimal dropoff and maximum engagement after!

Do I have to share anything?

You don’t have to create a post, all we ask is that you share the post from @wanderinggiveaways on the 9th, to your story, so all of us Aussie influencers can share each others audience.

Who else will be sharing the giveaway?

We’ve partnered with some of the biggest earth and travel-focused pages on Instagram including @earthofficial, @planetfervor, @epic.travels, @travelsfervor, and @ourplanetdaily. A total audience of over 13 million!

How is the winner picked?

We use automated software called AppSorteos, this scrapes all the comments and chooses at random.

Why should I join?

If you’re an Aussie influencer, this opportunity is perfect for you. As time goes on, organic reach becomes less and less on Instagram, making it difficult for many accounts to get noticed. It’s time to flip the coin, as 20+ Aussie influencers share each others audience, plus our partners with over 13 million followers, and an epic prize valued at over $3,000 you’re account will boom!


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