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How much does it cost to travel Australia for a year?

By June 19, 2019November 1st, 2019No Comments

Do you want to pack up and travel Australia for a year but unsure about the costs?

Here is a list of how much we spent after a year travelling in Australia.

Our biggest expenditure would definitely have to be FUEL, FOOD, and ACCOMMODATION. There are so many different ways to sort out a travel budget but in all honesty, the easiest way we found was to work off what we would normally spend when we were at home and always prepare yourself for any unwanted bills such as new tires, car service, etc… Alway’s take into consideration how you want to travel also, we travelled to be fulfilled with what we have achieved over our time spent travelling, we always ate well, always done everything that we wished to do and never held back if we ever wanted to buy anything. Choose your travel style and it will make working out your budget a lot easier.

Item/sCost Per YearCost Per Month
Tickets/Days Passes/NP Passes$1,655.00$137.92
Wants / Accessorries$1,915.00$159.58
Ute Maintanance$2,880.00$240.00
Ute Accessorries$2,684.00$223.67
Insurance & Extras$2,226.00$185.50
Phone Bills$4,354.00$362.83
Photography Equipment$3,893.00$324.42

Over the past 12 months we have spent a total of $41,709.

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