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Western Australia


By October 10, 2020No Comments

Do you love a gorgeous town that has some of the most stunning land contrasts that are so fierce you’ll feel the need to keep staring at that unbelieve view, somewhere that feels like every which way you look that you are just in a vision of WOW factor?! Broome is hands down a very relaxed tiny coastal town that is so easy to fall in love with. It has that outback feel and at the same time, it feels so incredible because you’re looking out at the most stunning blue ocean surrounded by red pindan, white sand, breathtaking nature and wildly wonderful sunsets/sunrises.

The area is very well known for its Pearl farm region, they harvest the most stunning pearls which whilst you’re there you can explore for yourself by joining in one of their tours ran by people in the pearl farming industry that know so much about the start to finish process to then having those pearls looking pretty as somebody’s new statement piece.

There are so many places to visit close by one of our favourite camping spots was located just north of Broome which we found via the Aircamp app. Gantheaume Point in Minyirr Park was mind-blowing, there is so much history here looking out at the fiery red rock formations. Many may know this area for the incredible “dinosaur Prints” that are located at the bottom of the cliff they believe to be over 120 million years old.

How does the sound of parking your car up on the world-famous “Cable Beach” sitting back watching the sunset, the sky glowing in the most majestic tones, camels walking alongside the Indian Ocean sound? It makes you stop for a moment or two and just realise just how lucky you are to be on this incredible earth experiencing this picture-perfect moment. Enjoy a nice Aussie BBQ with your friends and family overlooking this amazing view, trust me it doesn’t get much better than this.

The endless coastline just makes you want to venture off on many adventures, right up to Cape Leveque to learn about the history or there’s always a place to kick back and enjoy in a bathtub overlooking the stunning coastline, “Pender Bay ” was a hot hit for us. The boys would be venturing out fishing and I’d be wandering around checking out all of the colours on the edge of the ocean bed, getting to witness some of the most precious sites.

Who else loves dining out with great food and beverages… I think most of us do! Whilst you’re here you must go check out the breweries. Let’s just say we both soon found a new favourite refreshing beverage to then find in outlets all around Australia.

If you’re a lover of hot weather all year round Broome is a great place to be giving you on average 30 degrees all year round, including November to April is the wet season so you’ll get to experience Broomes wild weather.

Broome is nothing short of good vibes, so much culture, the history is phenomenal, the locals are all very helpful and to say the least, we cannot wait to get back there to explore more of this incredible town.

If you’d like more information or would love to follow along on our wanders we’d love you to pop by and say hello @wanderingaust

Happy Travels,

Cody and Dayne.

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