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Cape York

By October 10, 2020No Comments

For some people that may not know the Cape York Peninsula is a large remote peninsula located in far North Queensland of Australia.

It is every 4×4 tourers dream to go and experience a trip of a lifetime from the red dirt, white sandy beaches, crystal clear fresh flowing water, as well as the Waterfalls and to top off you get to go and stand at the most northern point of Australia “The Tip”. There are so many memorable pubs, Aboriginal rock art and natural scenery which will take your breath away.

There is no other place like this in the world, It truly is amazing. It is very remote and the experience will always be embedded in our minds.

It is a place that we feel could never get old once you get to the top. There is just something about being there that’s really special, it’s a trip I could do over and over again. Once you’re heading south you really feel like you have accomplished something from all the time and effort of setting up your rigs to reach this phenomenal destination, you will be driving with a big smile on your face and there is no better feeling.

A highlight before beginning the Old Telegraph Track (OTT) was Bramwell Station from the country buffet and the live entertainment which was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was a very fun night so do yourself a favour and make sure you stop in at Bramwell Station.

Let the fun begin on the Old Telegraph track, put the rigs into 4wd and hold on, from epic deep and shallow creek crossings, winching out of tracks and the smell of burning diesel. You’ll be swimming in the most beautiful crystal clear water creeks (do be careful as you are in Northern QLD… there are many crocodiles here) you must also visit all of the waterfalls, they are a much-needed spot for a cool off after a long day driving or even just if you just want a few days to relax.

After many good times, meeting amazing people along the way and of course the challenging track, it was a given that we go treat ourselves to the famous wood-fired pizza and beverage at Punsand Bay, it’s a place really worth staying with the million-dollar views from the camper, helicopter flights off the beachfront, fishing charters, island tours, amazing wildlife and more epic 4WD tracks this place has so much to offer.

Is your ideal holiday/trip to wake up in shorts and a singlet and soak up the hot Australian sun, exploring prestigious land?! Cape York is the place for you!

So to whoever may be reading this, start planning and packing for an adventure and story that will never be forgotten. We highly recommend taking at least 4 weeks to explore this amazing outback adventure, it will give you the time to really enjoy the wild outback of Cape York Peninsula.

If you’d like more information or would love to follow along on our wanders we’d love you to pop by and say hello @wanderingaust

Happy Travels,
Cody and Dayne.

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