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Western Australia

Margaret River

By October 10, 2020No Comments

Hands up if you love the sound of a sleepy town surrounded by pristine coastlines, stunning crop country, hiking trails, delicious famous local wines and epic ocean vibes!

On our arrival at Margaret River, we checked into our affordable accommodation that we found via Aircamps phone app. Once we had settled into our accommodation, of course, we had to go and visit the most stunning local street for some delicious goods that are grown and made locally in the Margaret River region… one word, DELICIOUS!

A drive along the coast is a MUST for anyone deciding to visit the region, it is absolutely stunning. Is surfing or kitesurfing something you love or always wanted to try? Well, you’re in the right place. Book a lesson or go out and enjoy the surf whenever you please with ripper waves smashing by.

Margaret River is known as the surf capital and also known for their world-renowned wineries, producing some of Australia’s finest wines. Hang up the keys, kick back and enjoy a wine tour to some of the smallest and well-known boutique wineries feeling like a wine connoisseur for the day.

Close by there are some gorgeous towns including Busselton which you may have heard of, it’s a relaxed town with a famous jetty that a train travels up and down many times per day, it’s a great activity for people of all ages. Also, there is Dunsborough, a small beach town that is very popular during peak seasons, showcasing stunning beaches, white sands and a great township to explore.

One of our favourite places that we continued to visit time after time was Injidup natural spa, sunrise here was something else. We decided to wake well before sunrise and soak up the vibe surrounding us, the waves were crashing into the rock formations, birds chirping, suddenly the vibrant sun started to beam through the rugged rock formations creating the most beautiful scene. The water was freezing, there was no reason not to get in for a swim and to capture this beautiful moment that we were having in Southern Western Australia.

We made our way to Mammoth Caves, underground limestone caves are something else when you walk in the reflections that the stalactites, stalagmites throw off are just incredible to see, pictures do no justice at all. The tour was self-guided which was great as we could walk through at our own pace soaking up the mind-blowing views that we never ever thought even existed. Mammoth Cave lives up to its name being 500 metres long and 30 metres in depth and is one of the only caves in WA that contains fossils. Water drips on the floors of the cave from overhead and the water leaves calcite deposits which build up making a mound.

We definitely suggest visiting Margaret River, it is suited for all groups of people, ages, a prime spot to say “I DO” or just for a quick relaxing weekend getaway.

If you’d like more information or would love to follow along on our wanders we’d love you to pop by and say hello @wanderingaust

Happy Travels,
Cody and Dayne.

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