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Our visit to Phillip Island

By May 16, 2022No Comments

As we drove over the San Remo Bridge it was the gateway to Phillip Island and that’s where all the fun began, we had 3 full days ahead of us. With it being only 90 minutes out of Melbourne, it makes a perfect getaway for a weekend or midweek. There was no better way to start it than by jumping in salty water snorkelling with Ocean Adventures, to see Phillip Island from under and above the water.



Bimbadeen Phillip Island Farm Retreats

Bimbadeen Phillip Island Farm Retreats had a warm, loving, safe and friendly feel about it as the eco-friendly, self-contained Accommodation. It’s very private with stunning views overlooking the 340-acre working farm that is surrounded by friendly farm animals, a beautiful landscape. Take time to adventure the amazing Hurricane Hill walk that takes you to the second-highest point on Phillip Island, well worth every step. There is also an in-house Farm Store where you can purchase local produce and souvenirs.



Snorkelling with Ocean Adventures

Snorkelling with ocean adventures is very professional, fun and safe for families and couples. To see the wildlife that lives under the water is something that you will never forget. It is very inviting as the crew teaches you snorkelling skills and our favourite part is the underwater motorised scooters that make it so easy to get around and see the scenery from under and above the water. This is one experience you can’t miss out on when visiting the island.


Phillip Island Go Karts

If you are an adrenaline junky and love getting behind the wheel for some great fun racing, this is the one for you. You can cruise around in the GoKart and enjoy the spectacular ocean views around the 750m circuit with many laughs to be had while racing around. The track is actually a replica of the world-renowned Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit! For us we are very competitive so we loved every second racing around the track, we must return for round 2.


Discover Phillip Island’s Little Penguins with Nature Park’s Penguin Plus package

What a sight for all ages, the little penguins bring so much happiness to the crowd as they come out of the cold water at dusk. To see how hard these little penguins work for their food to support their young is incredible, it was mind blowing for both of us. The noises of the penguins calling out to their young and the cute little waddle as they head for home is a memory that is both embedded in our minds, what a night it was.


Koala Conservation Reserve

As we walked into the reserve you can really see why the koalas call this home. It was like a big playground for the koalas, the water and food source for them is unlimited like a bain-marie. So we spotted many of them, they made it look so comfy sleeping up amongst the gum trees swaying in the wind. Our experience wandering around the reserve was lovely not only seeing the koalas but lots of birds, small mammals and reptiles. What a place to be, amongst Australia’s native wildlife.


Phillip Island Seal Cruise – 2 hours

What a cruise it was, as we boarded on and everyone got a seat we were off as the captain tells everyone some great local knowledge about Phillip Island and what it has to offer. It just kept getting better and better for both of us as we got closer to seal rocks. You nearly smell them before you see them. There are thousands of seals, it’s an incredible sight to see them playing, calling out to one another and swimming around like one big family. We really enjoyed the tour as this is for everyone at any age to enjoy, what another great memory it was for us indulged in so many happy smiles that go with it.


Phillip Island Helicopters – 8 Minute Scenic Flight

Well it’s one way to get the blood pumping, it could never get old going up in a chopper as the adrenaline kicks in for the both of us. Once we were in the air it’s so relaxing to look at the views of Phillip Island from a bird’s eye view. It was breathtaking. We both said what a job it is to be flying and getting to look at the island from the air, it is definitely worth every bit.


For the food on Phillip Island, these were our top five we ate at (not in any particular order), all the food was so fresh, enjoyable and service was 10 out of 10. They were all very inviting, clean and tidy. Everyone had a smile on their face which is what we both love to see.

  1. Bang Bang Bar & Restaurant – a breezy coastal bar serving a wide selection of beer, gin, and rum alongside an Asian inspired menu.
  2. Breakfast at The Store Ventnor – offering high-quality, locally sourced and made products in Ventnor, Phillip Island.
  3. Bani’s Restaurant & Bar – a family-owned and operated eatery known for their modern Greek cuisine, made using fresh local produce.
  4. Rusty Water Brewery and Restaurant – you’ll be treated to an evening of fine food and beer and wine made from the freshest locally sourced and produced ingredients.
  5. Waterboy Cafe – offers Melbourne style food with shiny floorboards, high ceilings, and a huge window looking out over Western Port Bay. The menu accommodates all tastes for breakfast and lunch.


There are tonnes of opportunities for a romantic getaway, stunning coastlines and nature trails, foodie delights and wildlife adventures galore. With something for everyone – families, couples, or even a girls’ weekend – there is something for every taste and budget. Phillip Island for us has a very warm, loving and positive vibe to it. A beloved getaway filled with thrill, adventure, and unique experiences. We would like to thank Phillip Island for having us and we sure will be back.

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